Bryony Hill - In the Garden 

When we arrived here in the middle of a vile winter some twenty five years ago, the garden was designed for low maintenance - a blank canvas.  In six months I had changed all of that, digging up the lawn and creating flowerbeds, growing vegetables and so on.  In the following years it has continued to be work in progress, and each season has made me aware of my mistakes and successes, due to the natural changes in our environment, brought on by nature.  We endeavour to be as self-sufficient as possible because we like to know where our food comes from.  It's hard work, but so rewarding in the long term and hardly a day goes by when we can't pick or gather something edible for our table.

I have always wanted to have chickens and it took me over thirty years to convince my husband that I could take on the extra work.  He loves them, having named them after his football mates, and I am now the one running around, singing the Match of the Day theme tune in chicken language, to our girls - see the link of the You Tube debut...

Last year the Paynes, a family of bee keepers in our village, asked us to host some hives in our small field.  I swear our flowers, fruit bushes and trees are thriving since they arrived.  We are looking forward to tasting the rewards.

See my photos of our veggie plot, known as the Allotment, to inspire and urge you on to grow your own.  If I can, anyone can do it!