Bryony's Blog

Hello - I'm back!


I hardly dare return to my blog having been silent since March. There is no real excuse for such a lack of communication but suffice to say my life has been pretty chaotic for some weeks for one reason and another. However, I now have a little more free time and I shall endeavour to update you with gardening news and recipes, or anything else which I think might be of interest. Also I would like to thank friends and family who have given me their kindness and support recently, without which I would have buckled.

Onward and upward I say! Summer must make an appearance soon!

My main piece of news is that my book Dining with the Raj is being published next year by Quiller Publishing. I am really, really thrilled as it has been a long slog, but an enjoyable one, and is now coming to fruition. I am meeting up with the editor next week so that we can plan how the book will look, etc. so things are at last beginning to move.

This is only a quick 'hello' but I shall be back asap. Please be patient! Thanks.