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Summer update


Well, things are progressing on the writing front. My war letters book is now entitled: I long to be with you - War Letters Home. Dame Vera Lynn has written a line for the cover, which is going to be such a help. It is due out in November - in time for Christmas - and I shall be doing lots of things to promote it, such as a book signing at Miss Mabel's Amazing Emporium in Burgess Hill (next door to Wickes DIY) and also an evening at the Book Lovers' Supper Club (check their website for very interesting events) in Ditchling.

I'm gradually getting back into the garden, weather and my back permitting, and now have an extra kid on the block: my broody hen Pauline has been sitting on some bantam eggs and one hatched two days ago! I don't think the others were fertilised but one is enough - I hope it's not a cockerel.

To anyone out there who still bothers to check up on me, I am alive and kicking so please don't give up on me! Thank