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Grow Happy, Cook Happy, Be Happy


It is now four years since I contributed anything to my website the reason being that my life was turned upside down when Jimmy, my husband, was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. Eventually, in December 2015 he was released from this terrible illness. During his time in care I continued to write, which provided much comfort and a release from the sadness and I published How I long to be with you - War Letters Home and My Gentleman Jim - a love story. On the advice and suggestion of my publisher I linked up with social media and through this I have made many, many friends and like-minded souls who seem to like my offerings of photographs of the garden, the wildlife and my recipes. Gradually more and more encouraged me to collate the best and put them into a book and Grow Happy, Cook Happy, Be Happy - from my garden to my kitchen is the end result.

Publication day is 14 June and the hardback, 256 page book retails at 20 and worth every wicked penny!!!

Details on how to order are in the publicity sheet below.

I want to impress upon my friends that my sort of cooking (those of you who haven't been subjected to my experiment will realise that nothing is written in tablets of stone) that my recipes are flexible, adaptable and, above all, easy to create. There is no need for a large larder of exotic ingredients and, if you have a spot to grow something yourself be it a window sill, balcony, large garden or allotment, the satisfaction of including a vegetable or fruit that you have grown yourself is beyond words. I hope that the book delights, inspires and encourages everyone to have a go.

If you have any questions about gardening, fruit, vegetable and flower growing - even flower arranging - do please get in touch via this website or, if you are on Facebook, via that route. I am not an expert, I am untrained in both horticulture and cookery but I do love food and getting my hands dirty.

It's nice to be back.