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I hope you haven't given up on me altogether...


I won't go into what an awful two years it has been for us but now, thank goodness, things have settled. I have had time to write and have a new book coming out in November, the working title of which is, War Letters Home from Land, Sea and Air. It's a bit of a mouthful and I am sure the publishers (Book Guild Publishing) will come up with something neater. It comprises edited letters written from 1938 to after the war from both sides of my family: both my grandfathers (maternal g.f. was in the RIASC in India and Syria - my paternal g.f. was in the Royal Flying Corps in WW1 and was too old to enlist for WW2 so remained at home, taking on evacuees), my father (RNVR stationed in what was Ceylon now Sri Lanka, Mombasa, Egypt and then took an active part in the Normandy Landings on Sword Beach) and his younger brother (RAF, hurricane pilot, shot down aged 20 in Northern France). The letters form a running diary/commentary of what each person was experiencing and are littered with documents, photographs, maps etc. I found it fascinating to discover what my relatives were thinking at the time but on no occasion did any of them ever grumble or moan. It was both extraordinary and intensely humbling. Watch out for news of publication and book signings.