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I live in a small West Sussex village, surrounded by fields and abundant wildlife.  My free bus pass and prescriptions  arrive next year, but in the meantime I relish the company of my ageing labrador Charlie, my equally ageing husband Jimmy, and anyone else who makes me feel young!

Born and bred in Bolney near Brighton, I have only strayed to London for a few years, after having lived in France.  I returned promptly, missing my country comforts and clean air.  As the original WAG, I don't recognise the current breed, and I often pity their lives.  Too much travelling, too many late 'club' nights (I am usually in bed by 9 pm...) and none of this strikes a chord with me.

I'm a home bird, more Aga than Saga.  I love food - and it shows in my new plus size wardrobe.  Whatever else, fat fills out the wrinkles, or so my mother used to tell me.   I raise chickens, four at present, all named after footballers despite being fiercely female, my only nod to my husand's career.  As you may have sussed, he is Jimmy 'Match of the Day' Hill, but that's as far as football gets in our house as far as I am concerned.  Fortunately for me, he likes my cooking and couragiously tries even the most disastrous experiments - before I do!

My website is designed by a dear friend, Dave Sharp, who runs the most divine cookshop in our village, ( and who sells things I didn't even know I needed.  The idea of the website is to enable me to share inspiration, photos, silly ideas and musings with all my friends, old and new, in cyberspace.  I hope you enjoy your visit, and I hope you will return on many occasions.

With love, Bryony.

Bryony Hill

Bryony's Books

  • Angel in an Apron

    Angel in an Apron Born not with a silver spoon in her mouth but a wooden spoon in her hand and wearing an apron, Bryony Hill has a passion for cooking that is as natural as breathing. From girlhood baking to conjuring up fabulous dinners at a moment s notice, her raison d Ítre has always been to feed those she loves.
    Inspired by the recipes of her mother's generation, but brought bang up to date with modern shortcuts and variations, this is no-nonsense home cooking at its best. Buy it now

  • A Compost Kind of Girl

    A Compost Kind of Girl Full of humour, passion and an overwhelming sense of fun, this tells how Bryony Hill developed her stunning Sussex garden. Beautifully illustrated by the author. Buy it now

  • Penalty Chick

    Penalty Chick Bryony Hill's first book blurs the line between reality and fiction. Millie Palmer works as an estate agent in Notting Hill, has a dotty mother in Sussex and picks up the gorgeous Paul Campbell in a wine bar in Wimbledon. There's only one fundamental problem. Paul is the manager of a Third Division football club and Millie hates football! Buy it now